The Performance Matrix

The Movement Health Solution

8th June 2016

Next training dates: 24-27 September, 25-27 November 2016, 20-22 January 2017, London, UK. This comprehensive modular education process forms part of The TPM Pro system & is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to build movement management into your business and your clients/patients's health.

Our  10 day-3 part modular training programme Helping you build your business

The movement health Solution supplies the answer to movement analysis, retraining and programme development and includes The Business Solution.

Part 1: Movement Analysis

  • Identifying weak links using The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Screens
  • The evidence behind The Performance Solution, Movement Screening
  • Introduction to retraining
  • Building TPM Pro into your business

Part 2: Movement Retraining

  • Exercise design and exercise delivery - movement retraining at low and high threshold
  • Direction control and muscle specific approaches
  • Moving your business forward 

Part 3: Movement Programming

  • Optimising Movement Efficiency
  • Design and delivery of site, direction & threshold specific programmes
  • Managing the substiutions of movement retraining
  • Apply movement management models
  • Management of restrictions and the uncontrolled movement they produce

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What you Get

This course will enable you to find an individual's uncontrolled movement, and design/deliver a specific
retraining programme, to:

• Improve movement efficiency

• Optimise musculoskeletal health

• Reduce risk of injury

• Enhance  performance

Here's a few testimonials from previous Movement Health Solution participants...

Give an example of something the training has taught you:
 - “Strategies to train my clients effectively towards the client’s goals”

Most valuable part of this training was:
 - "Integrating all teaching from theory into applying it to a real patient”

Give an example of something the training has taught you:
 - “Anatomy, assessment, prioritisation, business and rehab knowledge”

Most valuable part of this training was:
 - “Session planning and structure”

Give an example of something the training has taught you:
 - “Programme analysis and design”

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Invest in the opportunity to:

  • Put movement health at the heart of your business
  • Improve movement efficency, optimise musculskeletal health
  • Reduce risk of injury and enhance performance

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Put movement at the heart
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