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Spotlight on RehabLab Physiotherapy

17th March 2016

TPM Pro clinic RehabLab Physiotherapy takes Movement Health to the Isle of Man

Instantly associated with the world famous TT Races, the Isle of Man is certainly accustomed to high speed innovation, with technology, motion and performance perfectly combined. The territory’s distinctive flag also tells a tale of motion, representing robust, adaptable human movement; always standing, no matter the test.  No surprises in a land where movement and performance matter, Movement Health is making its mark. TPM Pro clinic RehabLab Physiotherapy are combining movement focussed innovation, originally developed for the world of high end performance, with the desire to supply everyone with robust and adaptable movement. In line with the company’s ‘evolution of movement’ perspective, clinic owner Kate Stobart takes a little time out to tell us about this TPM Pro clinic. 

How long has the clinic been in business?

October 2015 was our first official month although, we’ve now just moved in to lovely, new premises that really matches our movement focused philosophy.

Who are your usually clientele?

The simple answer is, ‘those who value their movement’. Men in their 40s, who are moving from triathlon to Iron Man. They want to train harder and hurt less. Also, females in their 50s. These two groups seem to understand the importance of movement, naturally grasping the concept of Movement Health. They want to future proof their movement; now they know such a thing is possible. We are getting a lot of word of mouth business, we are offering something very different and something long lasting.  People coming in for physio are staying with us once the pain has gone; they realise the job isn’t finished just because the pain is. Another group are those who have typically used sports massage as a recovery strategy for sports and training. They have now figured out they could achieve the same outcomes, by themselves, using movement.

What does being a TPM Pro clinic allow you to offer compared to a traditional physio practice?

As a business, we have the chance to sell packages of testing and movement retraining. As clinicians, we fix what we find in the testing rather than just fixing the pain. We have the chance to finish the job and limit recurrence.  

What is an example of a great success story the clinic has enjoyed working with a patient/client and using the system?

There’s been a few. We had a male gym user, with knee and shoulder pain. Following testing and retraining he was hitting personal bests in the gym on deadlifts and upper body work. Another great example is a female, late 60s, who had already had 2 hip replacements and has a significant leg length difference. She came to us with knee pain, really hoping she didn’t need another round of surgery which would mean a new knee. We tested and retrained, managing her movement around her current issues and previous interventions. The great news is the pain is gone, surgery is out of the picture, but walking and gardening are certainly back in; this really sums up Movement Health.     

Where do you see the clinic in 2 and 5 years’ time?

We want to expand, having 2-3 more staff, offer a strength and conditioning component to what we do and have contracts with the sports associations. In 5 years’ time, we will be delivering elite level movement health service for everyone, especially the older and active and sports individuals in a boutique movement centre.  

Pictured is RehabLab's Kate Stobart who was talking to TPM's Lincoln Blandford for this article

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