The Performance Matrix

Spaulding Rehab of Boston MA take TPM to the Head of Charles Regatta on 17-18 October

10th November 2014

Spaulding Rehab is a long-standing member of The Performance Matrix network, and as part of their care programme they screen their clients using The Foundation Matrix, The Base Matrix and The Running Matrix.

Trained and certified in movement optimization training (MOT) the clinical specialists at Spaulding Brighton will take you through a 60 minute Performance Matrix Screen. You will receive a report that highlights and prioritizes any risks to injury, whether coordination or intrinsic strength, as well as your performance assets. A reference score will be generated and allows you to monitor your progress through re-screening at regular intervals.

Your MPS Movement Consultant/Physical Therapist will design a movement retraining program based on your profile report and performance score. They will work with you to advance your work-out, tailoring your program as you progress, providing opportunity for re-screening every 6-8 weeks. They can also work with you and your sport or strength and conditioning coach as a member of your ‘team’, highlighting individual training emphasis as an adjunct to any pre-existing training programs, allowing you to more quickly progress towards your performance goals, while avoiding the frustration of injury.





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