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Scapula Under the Spotlight Masterclass

27th October 2015

Sarah Mottram delivers her masterclass on the influence of scapula control on neck and shoulder pain and function on 28-29 November 2015

Venue: Exmouth, UK

The assessment of movement control of the scapula is an important factor associated with shoulder pain and dysfunction. Abnormal scapular movements have an influence neck pain and function. This masterclass will explore the influence of scapular uncontrolled and the clinical advantages of retraining scapular movement control.



Key Features

  • Identifying optimal and non-optimal orientation of the scapula
  • Presentation of clinical tests to identify scapula uncontrolled movement
  • Current research exploring the mechanism of impairment


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify uncontrolled movements of the scapula
  • Evaluate the influence of uncontrolled movement of the scapula on neck and shoulder pain and function
  • Provide an evidence based assessment and rehabilitation of uncontrolled scapula movement
  • Consider the impairments that relate to uncontrolled movement
  • Use retraining strategies to regain efficient control of scapula movement


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