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Kinetic Control Movement Therapist Day October, 2015

27th October 2015

Kinetic Control Movement Therapist Day October, 2015

A celebration of twenty years of making the world move better culminated in an engaging and thought provoking set of lectures under the umbrella title of ‘Shaping Movement Health’. Sarah Mottram kicked off proceedings with a review of contemporary literature, with each paper presenting a different aspect to the movement health equation.   One paper to catch the eye was Rio et al. (2015) considering the need for a more holistic assessment and management of movement in relation to the issue of tendinopathy. The paper very much supported the need to recognise the difference in the adaptations driven by strength training within the tendon matrix structure and its ineffectiveness in the management of corticospinal derived issues of recruitment. Therefore, depending on the specific physiology we want to address within the pathological system there is a need for fine manipulation of the training stimulus; low threshold issues of recruitment require low threshold solutions.

 Click on image below to read full  paper:


Tendon neuroplastic training: changing the way we think about tendon rehabilitation: a narrative review

Rio et al. 2015

Br J Sports Med doi:10.1136/bjsports-2015-095215

Open access


This paper provided a great opportunity to recognise the concepts driving the success of the past twenty years as now finally becoming apparent within the literature. Joining the Kinetic Control team for the day, Head of Education for Movement Performance Solutions, Lincoln Blandford presented a session on the use of a dynamical systems approach to the management of hamstring recurrence; take home message ‘ many factors elevate risk and alter movement – simple answer, assess movement and retrain the deficits in cognitive control you find’.

Mark Comerford then took centre stage and addressed lateral hip pain with an exhaustive and highly detailed session, leaving no stone unturned in both assessment and retraining management of this topical issue. The session once again displayed Mark’s encyclopaedic knowledge and his rare talent to join the dots within this expanse to bring workable options to the clinic for all.

A little bit of feedback to conclude, Thanks for great day last Saturday, it was really good to be in a room with such a buzz and passion for the subject.


The next Movement Weekend takes place on 15-16 October 2016 in the UK  - keep an eye out for details on this event to follow

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