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TPM Testimonial - Kate Stobart @ RehabLab Physiotherapy

Kate Stobart from RehabLab Physiotherapy talks through her TPM journey and explains her experience of introducing TPM in her clinic. They take pride in fixing people; they don't make things complicated. They find the root cause of the problem and treat it.

" I found TPM after doing KC courses and used the product, marketing, training and mentorship that the TPM Pro network (of other therapists and clinics) to be able to set up my first private practice and business.

I enjoy the assessing and retraining sessions with clients using TPM immensely as it’s like a full body KC assessment in one hour! Cost and time efficient for the client.  After doing the TPM course and training myself I find using the technology on an iPad easy and flowing, the exercises clients receive on the Physiotec program are great as they include video's and you can save your own video's and comments to re-use quickly time and time again.

I use TPM for semi-pro sports men/women, older and active senior citizens, teenagers keen on sport, adults with re-occurring injury and the wellness minded (whom already do Yoga or Pilates and are intrigued to understand more about their bodies and to improve them).

The structure of the product works well as does the pricing that I charge.  I see clients for longer, ethically selling appointments, after their pain has settled using this method.  Working out of a physiotherapy service and into a movement / fitness service in the same clinic.

The network of other TPM Pro clinics meet several times a year and this helps my business as well as my CPD and on-going learning."

Kate Stobart

RehabLab Physiotheraphy

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