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How can movement screening & TPM Active put the ‘4Ps’ of the movement management mix in to your practice

26th September 2016

If pain helps pay the bills, the thought of expanding your practice to include movement screening of pain-free exercisers and performance focussed clients may appear a left field turn. This might feel like a journey outside your comfort zone, one you’re not even pondering, let alone checking Google maps for the best route.

Okay, fine. But what if?

What if there was the option of expanding the client base, beyond pain, into prevention, participation and, yes, even performance. These 4 Ps, including pain, are the movement mix, each a client group with their own particular needs, each bringing a different revenue strand to the business, broadening our skillset, Clearly, there is much the 4 Ps can do for the business, but, what can we do for them? Not just movement screening and the delivery of exercise that follows this process. Assessing their movement and then helping them to manage it for the long haul, gives them choice in how they choose to use their bodies; for a lifetime. This is Movement Health.

Movement Health & TPM Active

The concept of Movement Health is new (McNeill & Blandford, 2015). There is much talk about movement for health: what about the health of the movement system that supports this? This is what Movement Health seeks to address. This concept has been neatly packaged under the client facing, and client friendly ‘TPM Active’ brand.

TPM Active neatly places movement management in to the hands of clients, but still guided by the expert: the TPM Pro clinician. Some have compared this relationship to that of a dentist and their clients. We all clean our teeth but we have regular check-ups to make sure all is well. The same thing happens with TPM Active; Movement Health is assessed, exercises given, and the client comes back for regular guidance.

Movement Health and the 4Ps of the Movement Mix

Each of these (pain, prevention, performance and participation) are big topics in their own right and there is significant literature and endeavour within each. Connecting all 4 components is movement. Managing movement with TPM Active offers a means to influence the big 4, expand your business and do something that lasts a lifetime.



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