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Get Movement - Sweden's KC & TPM Experts

20th December 2016

The Get Movement clinic in Sweden is home to expert duo Patrik and Clare Pedersen, who between them cover all bases when it comes to managing movement.  Find out a bit about them below...

Clare heads up the TPM side of the practice  and is inspired by movement and the complexity of how the movement system works.  As part of the Performance Matrix team, Clare has had many years of experience assessing and retraining the movement of professional and Olympic athletes, as well as a large range of recreational sports and active individuals. Nealty combining sports medicine and the science behind training Clare typcially works in the return to sport phase of training, focussing largely on movement issues, rebuilding the athlete so as to return fully to performance without recurrance.

Patrik takes care of delivering the Kinetic Control training and education and lectures internationally. The dual roles of working with patients at Get Movement, Helsingborg and teaching the Kinetic Control process, has helped Patrik to further evolve his movement focus. Placing ever greater emphasis on addressing the underlying mechanisms of movement control issues rather than just the symptoms related to such problems continues provide new insight and reward. Patrik states ‘one of the greatest things about teaching movement to patients and fellow therapists alike, is their journey from awareness to ownership. Making people aware of their movement and guiding them through the ways to change their movement allows people to take ownership of their movement health'.

For a  list of courses Patrik will be teaching at Get Movement  next year visit the course page on their website 

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