The Performance Matrix

Forever Clinics

4th November 2015


Forever Fysio (part of the Forever Kuntoklubi) joins the TPM Pro Network

Forever Fysio is located in 9 Forever clubs - Varisto, Töölö, Matinkylä, Herttoniemi, Lahti, Hiekkaharju, Kerava, Hämeenlinna & Järvenpää.

This week in Järvenpää Sarah Mottram and Andy Hosgood start the 10 days Performance Solution education to help the Forever Fysio put movement at the heart of their practice.


The Vision: to empower patients and clients of Forever to take control of their movement health for a more active and optimisitc lifestyle

Physiotherapy / The Performance Matrix with TMP Pro collaborating with Fustra Trainers and Personal Trainers: taking movement training to the next level




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