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31st March 2016

This week we focus on the TPM Pro Movement Specialist Jeannette Hoftizjer. Jeannette currently works in private practice at Top Performance Delta and is aligned with the Johan Cruyff Institute and several other talent programmes of the Dutch Olympic Committee. The main focus of Jeannette's practice is currently on long distance runners , track and field, basketball, cycling and swimming

Jeannette is physiotherapist of the Dutch junior team track . Seen here (right) with medal winner at the World Championships in Sofia ( January 2016 )

"The ‘why’ of how people get injured, is far more interesting” says Jeanette, “than just treating pain and injury.” It is the prevention of the recurrence of injury that has been the most important part of her job as a Physiotherapist so far.

In this video we see Jeannette screening an athlete using TPM

For more information about Top Performance Delta visit the clinic website

In an extract from their clinic website Top Performance Delta explain how they use TPM

"The test results are translated to an individual training exercises, with specific focus on the improvement of the muscle control . We start with low-load exercises to activate the inactive muscle groups and use them in the right way in combination with other muscles. In the build-up training exercises are heavier and specifically focused on your sport. The Performance Matrix test is suitable for individual athletes as team athletes"

Further to her physiotherapy work Jeannette also contributed the Injury Prevention and Movement Control books,  Volume 1 and Volume 2 discussing her work with elite athletes.

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