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Clinic Focus: Top Performance Delta

20th August 2018

TPM Pro: it’s a global movement

The worldwide interest in the assessment of different characteristics of movement shows no sign of slowing. The appeal of using both movement assessment and retraining as tools to elevate performance and reduce injury risk, is highlighted by the global reach of clinics and training facilities utilising The Performance Matrix (TPM) system. From New York to New Zealand, TPM Pro clinics offer their wide range of clients, long-term goal achievement by regular movement assessment and retraining. This is guided by both a technology and a conceptual framework originally designed for the high-performance demands of elite sport. TPM Pro makes this quality of service available to the whole world; not just those considered ‘world class’.

Figure 1. From New York to New Zealand, TPM Pro is a global movement.  

Top Performance Delta: a change for the better, in anyone’s language

Based in the Netherlands, Top Performance Delta is a TPM Pro clinic that has excelled in working with a wide range of populations, especially performance focussed clients.  If you thought TPM was all about therapy and TPM Pro clinics would just be full of a row of therapy beds, you need to think again. Beautifully equipped and blessed with space to move rather than just ‘rest’, Top Performance Delta combines the elite movement management tool of TPM, with the contemporary setting of a strength and conditioning facility. 

Figure 2. TPM’s elite movement management is a perfect fit inside the performance focussed space of Top Performance Delta.

The philosophy of the clinics is summed up in a few simple statements: ‘Movement is medicine. We look for the cause of the problem, not just treat symptoms. We offer a long term approach and lifespan health’.

Figure 3. TPM Pro helps identify and address risk factors related to movement, helping the clients of Top Performance Delta to pursue goals in the absence of injury.

Clients’ stories

Here, two of Top Performance Delta’s clients talk about the difference working with the team at the clinic has made on their performance and experience of injury:

Gert-Jan Vermaas

I am 31 years old and a fanatical cyclist. Since I've had my back problem during cycling for 2 years, I've been looking for an opportunity to get rid of it. It hindered me so much that at some point I just couldn't put any more power on the pedals. My intention was to deal with it properly this time. I wanted to get rid of my complaints for good.

My physiotherapist advised me to look at Top Performance Delta to prevent my complaint from returning again. Initially, I went to a workshop to find out more. Here I understood how they could help me in preventing a return of the problem important. For me it has been very positive, my back pain is no longer an issue. I can do long training sessions on the bike again and my testing results have improved. I also realized that in addition to cycling, I must continue to do strength and movement control work. It is important for the cyclist to get stronger; you can't make it with just the kilometres on the bike.

Emmeliene Oonk

 I’m 16 years old and I play hockey at HC Den Bosch Girls in the Netherlands.  Through my trainer (Stan Huijsmans), I got in touch with Top Performance Delta. TPM (The Performance Matrix) Pro consultant, Jeannette Hoftijzer was recommended by Stan when my injury issues became more and more persistent. Jeannette carried out a detailed TPM movement assessment and put a movement retraining plan together so that I would be able to play hockey again as soon as possible. I went to Top Performance Delta every week and went through all the exercises, considering what could be done to improve my performance. At the end of each training, I received updated versions of my plan ready to perform over the next week. I now notice a big difference in how I walk, during hockey I can sustain my performance for longer and even hit shots harder now.


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