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Body Logic Health and TPM Pro

9th May 2016

Body Logic Health (BLH), set in the heart of vibrant Battersea, London, is a flagship site for TPM Pro clinics and the Movement Health philosophy. Acting as the UK venue for delivery of the education, masterclasses, and network days of TPM Pro, BLH is also a thriving and innovative clinic, a one stop shop for all things movement. BLH’s clinic owner, Paul Goss, gives us a little insight on the clinic’s workings, laying strong support to the message to be found throughout BLH, ‘We are movement specialists’.

How long has the clinic been in business?

Body Logic Health was established in 1999, as I took the chance to set up my own business. The idea was always to develop a centre allowing people to transition from injury through to rehab and beyond. It’s only in the last five years that we have really been able to bring this concept together.

Who are your usual clientele?

This has changed dramatically over this past four years, with the introduction of the gym and rehabilitation area. We now have a large range of clients, who work in the city but are serious about cycling, swimming and so much more, rather than just those seeking injury/pain management. We’ve seen a real shift towards health and fitness in London over the past 10 years, probably as a consequence of being desk bound for so much of the working day and the impact of the Olympics in 2012. Because we can offer clinical personal training (PT), clinical Pilates, rehabilitation and massage therapists all under one roof, we attract and retain a significant number of these more performance and activity focused clients to the business. Also, we are renowned for working with runners, of all backgrounds and abilities, as part of our ‘Running Evolution’ process, which targets technique and running related movement retraining.

How do you currently use The Performance Matrix (TPM)?

As ‘Movement Specialists’, a thorough assessment and analysis of movement is essential for our clients. The Performance Matrix (TPM) really ticks this box, as we can fully understand and evaluate where clients are at. We can then design programmes for them, individualised to their needs and goals. As a result, all our running and clinical PT clients are analysed with TPM as part of the assessment process, and reviewed regularly to adapt training around the results achieved. Our physiotherapists use the system as part of the transition from injury and pain, helping clients understand why problems have occurred. This allows progression of training into prevention and management of recurrence; the single biggest issue that I see clinically in our industry. There is nothing more thrilling than taking a client beyond their current problem and transitioning into a new level of movement and Movement Health.

What does it offer compared with what you could offer before?

We have tried a number of different methods to assess movement previously, nothing really comes close to this system in terms of data analysis and the ability to move a client into a whole new level of movement. The TPM system also supplies the therapist with a very structured but flexible route once the assessment is completed, as they plan out the retraining strategies for the exercise programme. For me as a clinician and clinic owner, I have found that integrating TPM with my Kinetic Control methodology has revolutionised the work we are able to do within BLH for our clients.

What is an example of a great success story the clinic has enjoyed working with a patient/client and using the system?

We have had a number of great success stories, however one that always stands out. This is partly due to the fact that they were assessed when we first started using the system and the results of the full process proved to be incredible. This client was struggling to complete her day at work as a nurse due to a 15-year history of low back pain. She had stopped most sports and was spending about thirty minutes a day foam rolling to release tight muscles. Her goal was to be fit enough complete the long 12-hour shifts without having to take three days to recover, allowing her to apply for the job of her dreams. The work we completed has allowed that dream to become a reality, plus she is back playing badminton and has been skiing, without any issues, for the first time in five years. Movement is no longer the limiter to these things.

Where do you see the clinic in 2 and 5 years’ time?

We have a thriving health section of the business, and our rehabilitation side is growing, significantly. The plan now is to take our performance element to the next level. If we can improve clients’ movement, improve their Movement Health, we believe we can support our clients to be able to achieve more. We want to help them take that next step, wherever that next step is heading. Completing a movement assessment is just the beginning; once you have good movement then you have the freedom to challenge the body, accelerate training and further personalise your training goals. We would like to start to help both athletes and individuals alike work on maintaining good Movement Health, taking their training to the next level.

Visit the Body Logic website here to find out about the services they offer and to arrange a TPM Active screening  putting movement health at the top of your agenda.

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