The Performance Matrix

An athlete's perspective

30th July 2013

On this week's blog an athlete gives their perspective of The Performance Matrix

"Being an elite athlete, every day you push your body to its limits. Injuries occur once in a while, some more severe that others. Sometimes an injury takes you out from training or competition. Injury management that exists of rest, medicine, massage and generic exercise quite often relieve the symptoms but  they often come back.

With The Performance Matrix the kinetic chain is screened for movement faults and uncontrolled movement (weak links) in other body segments (away from the injury) are recognised. Careful analysis of these weak links can lead the trainer to design a training programme to target the most relevant waek links to the recurrent injury.

Movement screens not only help with the design of training packages to manage recurrent injury but also help to prevent injuries in the future and help athletes move more efficiently.

Training weak links, gives the athlete the opportunity to move in the most efficient way. The process does not directly change the way you perform but makes it possible to work on the technical skills utilising the efficient control of movement."


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