The Performance Matrix

Using The Football Matrix in injury prevention

16th October 2012


The Football Matrix is an advanced screening tool used at top professional teams that assesses movement control to highlight specific areas of an athlete’s body that may be at risk for injury and provides a comprehensive individual corrective exercise program to help prevent non-traumatic injuries from occurring. 


The Football Matrix is designed for progressive sports medical departments who want to do everything they can to keep their players healthy, keep preventative injury rates low and keep valuable assets on the pitch and off of the injury list. Screening healthy players and correcting their movement faults can make players more robust so they maintain their health and career longevity, where previously undiscovered faults could have led to injury prone players or career ending injuries.


For example, hamstring injuries are a common injury in Football and close to 80% of professional footballers with a history of hamstring injury showed links with uncontrolled movement when screened with the football matrix. The football matrix helps to highlight this risk and the corrective programme can help to reduce this very common but preventable injury.




The Football Matrix incorporates tests that have been formulated to resemble specific football movements that a player would perform during a game such as kicking, heading and turning so the assessment is extremely specific to footballers needs. The tool provides a baseline assessment for specific movement control as well as assessing stabilizer strength and specific flexibility.


Part of the movement control assessment looks for energy leakages within the kinetic chain that relate to how well the player decelerates movement (slows down). An inability to slow down reduces your efficiency in changing direction to quickly move around or lose your opponent and is a major factor as to why injuries occur. It’s like driving a fast car but having no brakes to slow you down to take the corners.



After the Football Matrix screen is done a bespoke report is produced which provides a movement efficiency score and the specific areas (e.g. ankle, hip, lower back, shoulder) of potential injury risk or performance deficit (weak links) are highlighted. This makes the screening process much easier as less time is required for analysis as the priority corrective recommendations are given on the report.


Using The Performance Matrix screening tool and implementing injury prevention programmes has helped me gain  tremendous success at all of the football clubs I have worked for by reducing injury rates by up to 60% and optimising performance potential during my time at each club.

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