The Performance Matrix

Top 5 common restrictions

11th July 2013

Top five common myofascial restrictions that contibute to compensation movement stategies.

These compensation movement stategies are seen in the The Performance Matrix report as weak links.

Top 5:

  • 2-joint hip flexors (especially tensor fascia latae)
  • hamstrings (especially biceps femoris)
  • pectoralis minor
  • infraspinatus
  • latissimus dorsi


Articular restrictions that also require significant movement compensations, again identified on the Matrix screens

  • restriction of posterior glide of the superior tibio- fibula joint
  • restriction of upper back (thoracic) rotation
  • restriction of neck rotation

You might find it useful when doing Movement Optimisation Retraining to look for and regain movements related to these restrictions. It should help accelerate your ability to retrain control the high risk weak links that you have prioritised from your Matrix Screen report.

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