The Performance Matrix

The Performance Matrix Tees Off at Summit Physio

4th May 2012



Since working with Andy Hosgood of Summit physiotherapy my awareness of body bio-mechanics and correct body movements has increased greatly. Andrew and his staff are some of the most talented in their field. With the use of The Performance Matrix we are now able to assess my body under low and high threshold movements and identify my high risk areas as well as those areas which are assets to me.

My screening results have improved greatly since my first screening on 12/12/2011. This is down to the diligent work that Andy has put in to build me a pre-hab program which allows me to work on my weaknesses and transform them into a strength. The Performance Matrix has allowed Andrew to take his analysis to a new level of detail and that detail is now resulting in big gains in terms of golf performance.

Everyone in golf wants to hit it further and my stats have shown great improvement since introducing a golf performance program devised by Andy with the aid of The Performance Matrix. The following stats show the dramatic improvement made:

Club head speed 12/12/2011(1st screening): 108.3mph average
Club head speed on 12/4/2012(3rd screening): 115.3mph average

Average Driving distance 12/12/2011: 281.4 yards
Average Driving distance 12/4/2012: 318.9 yards

The improvements are staggering and I have now gained assets in my golf game. This will only help me in my quest to become an internationally recognized sports man.

Thanks to Andy and his dedication to detail

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