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TPM Pro Masterclass 2016

18th May 2016

May 28 & 29 the TPM Pro team welcome TPM Pro Clinic owners and Movement Therapists to 2 days of Movement Health education

Here is what we will be covering:

  • Reading Reports - Getting more from the Matrix

Once the skill of screening is acquired the report it generates yields an extensive array of information. This part of the weekend will dig deeper into what the report can show, how this can be interpreted alongside other information and how the retraining choices can be enhanced.

  • Hamstrings & Dynamical Systems

Hamstring recurrence in high velocity running based field sports remains high. This session will look at the dynamic and interactive factors related to this resilient problem. A dynamical systems model will be presented alongside retraining strategies to manage hamstring related issues.

  • Digging Deeper into the Movement Management Model

The report places movement control at the centre of the movement management model. This session will consider the barriers to movement that lead to excessive and uncontrolled movement elsewhere within the movement system. Tools to address these barriers will be explored.

  • Tendinopathy – finding the movement root in the broad diagnosis

Following on from Mark’s Twitter appearance back in the Autumn of 2015, the tendinopathy issue will be explored from TPM Pro perspective. Retraining strategies will be explored from across the movement control continuum.

  • The cyling matrix

Sport specific testing and profiling: designed to target sport related movement faults and enhance sporting performance

  • TMP Active

The value of TPM Active for clinic owners and Movement Health for all

Mark Comerford, Lincoln Blandford, Sarah Mottram, Andy Hosgood and Clare Pedersen will be there to facilitate  a weekend of learning and sharing!

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