The Performance Matrix

TMP Pro 2016

29th January 2016

And place MOVEMENT at the heart of your business

TPM Pro 2016


TPM Pro is:

  • A dynamic business solution based around a clinic ready movement management system
  • Based on 10 days of education, spread over 6 months for you take this elite quality system into your business with confidence
  • A process designed to both fully integrate into and support businesses, enabling you to achieve the vision of transforming your patient’s quality of life by resolving movement faults and enhancing performance
  • A state of the art, digital health offering to complement your existing clinical skills
  • A system developed by the people behind Kinetic Control (Comerford & Mottram, 2012), called The Performance Matrix (TPM), currently the world's most comprehensive multi-joint, multi-intensity movement analysis and retraining system
  • A structured process to guide the patient and client’s journey post pain
  • A structured process to guide the route of injury prevention and long term movement health
  • The business that delivers the TPM Active product to the patient and client

If you want to movement at the heart of the process of the route to your clinic’s future, ask Andy Hosgood the TPM Pro question:



Place movement at the heart of clinic and business offerings

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