The Performance Matrix

Room 4 Physio and The Performance Matrix Platform

19th March 2013

The Performance Matrix Platform is definitely an asset to my practice. Whether for prevention, recurrence or performance issues, I find the screen an invaluable tool for helping identify a client’s underlying problems and prioritising their movement retraining goals.

I recently attended the MOT module conducted by Mark Comerford in London and since then, my retraining sessions are far more engaging and effective. The course not only covered many examples of various exercises; but more importantly, it covered the principles behind designing programmes to specifically and efficiently target the weak links.

Mark also revised the finer points of conducting screens and the reasoning process behind selecting first priorities from the report. I really enjoyed the course and have come away with a far stronger knowledge base and skill set with which to design and teach retraining programmes, which are both clear in focus and challenging to the client

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