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3rd July 2013

Restrictions - are they are worth considering?

We recently ran some well-received Performance Matrix training days in London where the theme was “Flexibility for Performance”.

We examined how restrictions in myofascial contractile tissue (muscle) and articular (joint) restrictions contribute to specific weak links (uncontrolled movement) in movement control.

We looked at how these restrictions relate to the site, direction and threshold of uncontrolled movements that contribute injury recurrence into performance deficiencies (best found in our comprehensive screens).

Here is a great tips for analysing the influence of restrictions on screening and managing restrictions to optimise retraining that came out of the many interactive discussion and workshop sessions:

  • When screening finds the same weak link (Site & Direction) presenting both as a low threshold, alignment and coordination problem as well as a high threshold, strength speed problem - then there is nearly always a significant restriction contributing that site and direction of uncontrolled movement. For example, if low threshold shoulder blade – tilt and high threshold shoulder blade - tilt are identified on a matrix screen, a restriction of movement (usually a short pectoralis minor) is linked as a causative factor.

Next blog we look at common restrictions

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