The Performance Matrix

Movement Screening; a film or a photo?

13th March 2013

Lincoln's article published in the latest copy of Ultra-FIT Magazine asks the question "can movement screening give trainers a competitive edge, by maintaining their clients 'movement health' and supply a base for goal achievement?". Lincoln's article "explores what is most revealing in keeping clients' injury free, the 'moving picture' of a movement screen or the 'freeze frame' plumbline postural assessment?".


Lincoln's full article exploring these questions in detail can be viewed via this link (with permission from Ultra-FIT Magazine). To find out more about Lincoln and his work, click here to visit his website.


Lincoln Blandford is delivering a Movement Screening Fundamentals course on 11-12th May in the Southbank Club, Vauxhall, London. For information on booking please contact him by emailing him at


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