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Movement Control: Using the best options to move

31st December 2013

'The brain will always pick the best available movement option. But the best available option may not be good enough.'

What are the key elements to consider when managing and preventing sports injuries?

Apparently that is the €2.3 billion question! (read my previous post with more astonishing numbers and data).

But we may be able to cut this in half with “proper preventive processes” (‘Steaming the flow’, Sports Pro Magazine, 2013).

This second post attempts to explain how The Performance Matrix Platform can keep your athletes on the field playing and not on the medical department bench, saving  time and money.

And of course, its all about movement!

As soon as we face any movement situation a very complex process starts to happen. Our brain collects information from all over our body to find out what is happening on the inside and in the environment, and searches the memory for previous experiences with it. This data is processed to allow the brain to decide and plan effectivey how to respond to it - what to do about it.

On the ‘what to do about it’ part we can include any game situation where the player has to decide which game strategy is the best for the moment, eg. “Should I pass the ball to my teammate that is better positioned or should I kick it to score as the goalkeeper is now misplaced?”

On the ‘how to do it’ the brain evaluates which are the best available movement options to follow the plan in the most efficient way. And that is when the problems can start... when the best available movement option is not good enough and not efficient, but actions are taken.

No matter what it decides, the brain has to plan and act to employ different movement patterns - including recruiting different muscles with different functional roles. Some muscles will keep the joint congruent, some coordinate movement, some generate high speed and high force motion while others have to control movement. All in the same task at the same time!

So, in this movement pattern, what happens if a muscle doesn’t have the force to resist an unplanned movement? Or if the brain simply cannot recruit a pattern that has to coordinate and control movement?

The answer is simple, the brain will search for other options to achieve the main goal, no matter how.

If the brain cannot recruit one movement pattern, it will recruit another. If a joint range is not available for any reason, the brain will move somewhere else to get to the final planned range. So, all of these compensations will lead to overuse, to uncontrolled movements and biomechanical stress. Repetitively this can lead to pain and injury in different regions.

The Performance Matrix screening platform can identify these compensations - uncontrolled movements. The Performance Matrix uses a battery of multi-joint movement control tests that demands from the brain and the body excellent efficiency.


Movement control faults identified in our screening system represents the faults found in the functional movements. Meaning that you do not need to record the athlete on the field with fancy expensive equipments and softwares to find and analyse these faults. You just need a space that fits you and the athlete to be screened.

It is all online!!! A laptop or a tablet is the fanciest equipment you will use... leave the headache from technology with us.

From the instant detailed Report delivered automatically at the end of the screening by our user friendly online software, you can ANALYSE and predict the risk of injury. The analysis of the Screening Report improves your understanding of the problems and the comparison system can point patterns of frequent high risk movement faults in a group of athletes or workers assisting you with priorities changing.

As the Matrix Movement Screening can help you early find the cause of biomechanical stress, it allows you to FIX the uncontrolled movements before it leads to injury and/or pain turning your health department more pro-active and efficient, saving time and money!




The Performance Matrix Platform is more then a Movement Health System but a Business Solution for all Corporations leading with Elite High Performance Sports, Occupational Health, Armed Forces, Gym Chains, Clinics, Clubs...

So, why are you waiting to get in touch with us?


by PABLO B. MARINHO (Brasil)
Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor - KCAT
The Performance Matrix Accredited Instructor - PMAI
The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Consultant

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