The Performance Matrix

Movement age

23rd September 2014


More movement in your years, more years in your movement


Within health related literature we may often see the concepts of chronological and biological age discussed. The first states the ticking of the clock in years as represented by our passport and driving licence. The other, reflects how well we have endured the years due to the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, not to mention genetics. Expanding this idea just a little further is ‘movement age’. A proposed sub-heading of biological age, ‘movement age’ could be considered to relate to how well we move in respect to our years.

Elixir of youth

When working with the older adult as a client group ‘mobility is one of the key goals – both its maintenance and improvement’. The ability to remain independent, pain free and moving with ease has a feeling of an elixir of youth quality about it. Once diminished quality of life is affected, reliance on others increased. As a growing population reaches the more advanced stages of life, possession of dependable movement can only become ever more desirable once such a choice is made available. The ability to take charge of such an outcome enables those who want to challenge the perceived inevitability of aging to take action through activity. Yet, how are we hold back the tide of time?

Open Matrix

Originally designed to screen the movement of athletes, The Performance Matrix fleet of analysis tools also comprises of ‘The Open Matrix’. Made up of ten movement control tests questioning an individual’s alignment, co-ordination and timing, the tool is ideally matched to the older adult. Omitting tests requiring speed and fatiguing load scenarios allows the analysis process to embrace a wide audience, an audience who recognise the value in moving well throughout the day.
Movement lifespan training

The Open Matrix supplies bespoke movement analysis revealing areas of risk with regards to movement control. Tackling these deficits can be simply done, with minimal equipment and minimal perspiration! A twice daily adherence to the retraining delivered may well be one of the keys to a prolonged and healthy movement lifespan. Perhaps the daily attention shown within Eastern cultures to slow, attentive movement supplies a precedent for moving well, well into our advanced years. The Open Matrix ensures all the movements we choose to bring to this goal are specific to the cause, pitched perfectly to the client’s abilities and achievable within the space they want to work.


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