The Performance Matrix

Movement Screen and Profile Report to Direct Training

30th August 2013

'An athlete can have no pain, good strength and good range of movement, but they are still at risk of injury if they have movement control impairments'          Mark Comerford



Find these movement control impairments with The Movement and Performance Screen. This is the most accurate and powerful movement screening system available. It identifies uncontrolled movements that can lead to pain and impair performance. Mark Comerford talks about the Profile Report detailing the movement control impairments. 



Mark Comerford looks at the value of The Peformance Matrix Profile 



The Performance Matrix Platform has the unique ability to produce an instant report that directs the movement training for your client or athlete. 

The report details movement control profile: site (where) and the direction (specific detail) of uncontrolled movement. Furthermore it identifies alignment and co-ordination problems vs strength and speed problems


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