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Jacob Wijnstra shares a success story

13th November 2013

 Using the Cycling Matix at Velofysics


'This picture illustrates a great example of performance related injuries.

The cyclists in the picture came to me because she had an annoying and disabling backache during and following mountain biking competition. She races to an international standard. Didi is known as one of the most talented cyclists (women) in her country. However, because of her backache she was unable to fully utilise her abilities - she said that she felt “powerless” when accelerating. Didi felt like she struggled to put her power directly on the pedals. After half an hour she got an annoying backache, which stayed present for a couple of hours after the race. The harder the track was, the more pain she experienced. And when Didi explained she had already been treated by a manual therapist, we used The Performance Matrix Movement and Performance Screen - The Cycling Matrix.

The results of The Cycling Matrix did illustrate her weak links and illustrated a common pattern found in cyclists. Certain muscles, like the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps are well adapted to deliver maximum power in the cycling position. But this also creates some drawbacks for other muscles, like the oblique muscles and deep glutes. These patterns were really visible with Didi and after we ran the screen it was obvious that the main problem was caused by impaired control over the pelvis during and after cycling.

When we started working with retraining exercises (directed by the report) she almost immediately experienced improvement.

And a really nice highlight: just 5 weeks after we started, she became Dutch Champion Mountain Biker (as you can see in the picture she wears red-white-blue!). Right now she is pain free when riding, even on the hardest tracks, but there is still some work to be done. We will continue until her score drops to 0 on The Cycling Matrix and after that we'll stay in touch and rescreen regularly to make sure she doesn't drop back into old habits.


Jacob Wijnstra

Fysiotherapie Van Loo & Veerhoek




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