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Hamstring injuries

24th April 2013



At our recent trip to the Isokinetic and FIFA Conference on Football Medicine Strategies for Muscle and Tendon Injuries, it was confirmed that muscle injuries constitute a large percentage of all injuries in football. With a Hamstring Injury, making up 37% of these muscle injuries.

Out of a squad of 25, it is expected that the squad will expect 16 injuries per season. Click here to read more.

In a screening by The Performance Matrix Team, 98.9% of professional footballers failed one or more of the lumbopelvic movement control tests they performed, with 78.9% showing uncontrolled lumbar extension in the series oh high threshold strength and speed tests for lumbopelvic movement control. Uncontrolled low back extension (high load) shows a significant a significant association with the likelihood of having a hamstring injury.

The Performance Matrix Platform, through Movement Screening, Online Exercise Catalogue and Training Modules improves movement efficiency, optimise musculoskeletal health, reduce injury risk and enhance performance.


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