The Performance Matrix

Clubs and Clinics

12th July 2013

Club & Clinics: Innovate and stand out Use Performance Matrix Platform:

Prevent Injury, raise performance and improve musculoskeletal fitness with this online movement assessment and injury prevention tool for clubs and clinics.

Designed for active individuals who are committed to their sports and wanting to stay fit in the long-term, as well as those recovering from injuries and individuals wanting to improve their fitness.


Benefits of The Performance Matrix:

  • Full body preventive screen (activity specific) Identifies the area in which the athlete is at risk for injuries
  • Reveals the location and direction of uncontrolled movements Indicate movement’s that need retraining to prevent injury
  • Exercises for retraining of uncontrolled movements available Monitor and re-evaluate a client’s progress Short test available (4x4 10min)

Based on the latest scientific research help your members and clients to recover from injuries, reduce its recurrence and improve their musculoskeletal fitness.

Use the latest technology.


Take advantage of The Performance Matrix Platform: Club & Clinic’s unique ability to keep your clients and members not only injury-free, but performing at a higher level.

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