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CORE Strategies Physical Therapy and Movement Centre: Why they use TPM and how it works for them

17th January 2014


Danielle Debbrecht and CORE Strategies Physical Therapy & Movement Centre are at the forefront of The Performance Matrix in the USA. Their status as a Matrix Movement Centre means you can be guaranteed all of their Performance Matrix services are a global benchmark of excellence for movement analysis and retraining. In this blog Danielle will list a few reasons why The Performance Matrix was the right choice for her and her Centre in helping deliver the level of quality and results they demand. 


The CORE team is passionate about movement. CORE Strategies Physical Therapy was founded by physical therapists dedicated to understanding and managing complex movement dysfunctions. We believe that identifying the “weak links” in the movement system is the key to unraveling dysfunction and optimizing performance. The Performance Matrix platform provided CORE the opportunity to take our injury prevention programs to the next level. We launched our CORE Movement Centre with a primary goal, to help people understand their body so that they can move better, prevent pain and optimize performance.


Why was The Performance Matrix the right choice for us?

1. Easy & Portable

  • The Performance Matrix platform is so well designed that it takes out all of the guess work in managing our clients. Furthermore, training our team of movement specialists to administer TPM screens and implement effective training based on the results was easy.

  • TPM reports are also easy for clients to understand. Clients see their overall score and a visual representation of the site, direction and threshold of their problem areas. This information is critical because many movement impairments are not something the client can “see” and often they have no idea these impairments even exist. All they know is they’ve been suffering with some recurring injury or are in a performance slump that they can’t break through. Our clients love being able to see on paper the state of their movement health. At CORE we say, “What’s Your Score?” This drives our clients, most of whom are competitive by nature, to commit to training and achieve a better score at their rescreen.  


  • Another TPM advantage to our business is the system’s portability. No bulky equipment is required for screening. We hit the road with simply our IPads to take movement screening to our sport and corporate clients.


2. Versatile

  • TPM works for all our clients. A CORE movement specialist can train a ballet dancer one hour, a cyclist the next, followed by a runner, a golfer and finally a mom of the 3 trying to keep up with her kids. How can one specialist have the knowledge to decrease injury and enhance performance in such a broad distribution of clients? It’s because The Performance Matrix screen identifies the weak links and assets within any client’s body. By taking people out of their sport specific techniques we can truly assess their movement control and areas at risk. Once specific impairments have been identified we use this knowledge to develop a training program to turn their impairments into assets so that they can master the technical skills of their chosen sport. As clients increase their assets we integrate the control into sport specific drills often by working directly with their technique coaches. So for individuals who’ve tried to make a change in sport specific technique without much success, The Performance Matrix tool could be the key to unleashing their true performance potential.


3. Specificity Gets RESULTS

  • There is no denying the thousands of great and challenging exercises being used in the sport and fitness industries today. The question everyone should be asking is, “How do I know what is right for me?”. The bottom line is the level of difficulty of an exercise has no correlation with its necessity to improve your movement health, efficiency or get you over a performance barrier. All too often people use difficulty as a training guideline; however that exercise while challenging may have no control over your weak link and thus not specifically target your impairment. This is why using The Performance Matrix tool is so critical to getting specific and effective results out of the time you spend training.

  • TPM quickly identifies your weak links. Our team strategically uses this data to eradicate those weak links with targeted exercise. A recent CORE client described it like this, “I had no idea that what I liked to do at the gym wasn’t what I needed. I would have never chosen to do these exercises on my own. It totally makes sense why despite all my training I couldn’t get past my performance barriers.”


Written by Danielle Debbrecht


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