The Performance Matrix

Bloso Implements The Performance Matrix

20th July 2011


The Performance Matrix system of Movement and Performance Screens has now been implemented at the Topsport Schools, Belgium. The Topsport schools are part of the Bloso Agency for the Promotion of Physical Development, Sport and Outdoor Recreation in the Flemish part of Belgium and responsible for the development of elite athletes.

Young elite athletes (aged between 12 - 17 ) undergo movement screening with sport specific screens which identify individual weak links. Each athlete has their own report detailing their movement faults (uncontrolled movement).


Following the screening of the athletes, the therapists are implementing training programme using principles of retraining high threshold weak links (for strength & speed) and low threshold weak links (for alignment & co-ordination).



Bloso currently uses:

The Foundation Matrix

The Total Matrix

The Basketball Mattrix

The Volleyball Matrix

The Table Tennis Matrix

The Tennis Matrix

The Judo Matrix

The Handball Matrix

The Sprint Matrix

with more in development.

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