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Southampton Football Club and the benefits of The Performance Matrix (TPM)

27th February 2019

Interested in reading the post that Southampton Football Club wrote up about Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix?

The Performance Matrix (TPM) Greatest Hits

28th June 2016

Next week TPM heads to IFOMPT to spread the Movement Health message and show you how to put the 'Business of Movement' in to your clinic  Pre-conference, we take a look at some of our past posts highlighting clinics, clients and clubs already connecting TPM Pro and the Movement Health message

TPM Elite Consult: The Performance Solution

7th June 2016

Originally developed for elite US sport, The Performance Matrix (TPM) movement analysis tool was an instant game changer in the world of movement testing for injury prevention and performance. Still to this day nothing informs on movement with the same resolution; nothing tests movement in quite the same.

TPM & Southampton Football Club

6th April 2016

How is the movement management system that powers TPM Pro changing the face of football & physio clinics around the world?

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