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Pablo Marinho on The Performance Solution

7th May 2019

Pablo Marinho will be teaching The Performance Solution Part 1 in Barcelona at the end of this month. We caught up with him to discuss this key TPM date that is happening!

Moolman Physiotherapy on The Performance Matrix

29th April 2019

We caught up with Moolman Physiotherapy, a TPM Pro Clinic based in Cape Town - South Africa.

Southampton Football Club and the benefits of The Performance Matrix (TPM)

27th February 2019

Interested in reading the post that Southampton Football Club wrote up about Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix?

Support for movement retraining: time under attention changes movement patterns at the shoulder and lumbo-pelvic complex

11th January 2019

The Performance Matrix (TPM) is a multi-joint, multi-intensity battery of cognitive movement control tests. In addition to being comprehensively described within the literature (Dingenen et al., 2018; Mischiati et al., 2015; Mottram & Comerford, 2008), the clinicians using the system on a daily basis state that TPM ‘makes sure I don’t miss something’ when assessing their individuals’ movement abilities.

Measures of Movement Health: Taking movement into account

22nd October 2018

The Performance Matrix is a movement assessment tool that supplies coaches, clinicians and their clients with the required information on what movement options have been lost. Therefore, those characteristics of movement that represent compromised Movement Health can found, labelled, and targeted by through specific retraining; the options lost can be restored.

TPM Workplace - First Port of Call for First Responders

15th October 2018

Despite the lightning speed at which technology is changing the work landscape, there is still little doubt that a company’s employees are its biggest asset; therefore, it pays to ensure that they perform at a consistently high level.

3 TPM Pro Clinics identify what TPM can do for 'You, Your Clients, and Your Practice'

20th September 2018

We explore the benefits of becoming a TPM Pro Clinic with three clinic owners who have TPM Pro in their clinics.

The Double Knee Swing - a how-to guide and testing regional interdependence

10th January 2018

First described in the literature in 2008 (Mottram & Comerford) The Performance Matrix (TPM) movement evaluation system has evolved: a process ensuring it remains a state of the art, clinical tool. 


New USA Clinics join TPM Pro and train in Manhattan

11th December 2017

Movement in Manhattan – TPM Pro & The Movement Health Solution goes West

TPM Active - its the sign of movement health

11th December 2017

The ski season is now well underway. So, how can we ensure our clients are ready for the slopes. Here, we talk about using the TPM (The Performance Matrix) system with skiers.  

Running at the TPM Network - A business and technical perspective

7th November 2017

New TPM Pro member - The Poynton Spine Care Institute featured in The Irish Times

2nd November 2017

TPM Launches in India 2018

1st October 2017

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy the Go-To Clinic in Essex for Movement Health

8th August 2017

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy are using TPM Pro’s objectivity to find out who’s been doing their exercise and to ensure they become the ‘go-to’ clinic in Essex for ‘Movement Health’.

Join the Movement Health Solution and become part of the global TPM Network

5th July 2017

See our UK Training dates for The Movement Health Solution and sign up to become a TPM Pro Network Member

TPM Pro heads to New York City

21st June 2017

Training event to Put Movement at the Heart of Your Business

TPM Pro 2017 Masterclass: Saints, Synergists, Shoulders & Session Design

23rd May 2017

TPM Pro clinicians from around Europe gathered to enjoy 2 days of new information to progress the TPM Active product and the Movement Health message.

Masterclass for SUF TPM Pro Clinic, Finland

9th May 2017

The global network of TPM Pro clinics enjoy access to elite level movement management masterclasses. Last weekend saw TPM Pro clinic SUF, Espoo in Finland spend two days reviewing and refining the use of The Performance Matrix (TPM) movement assessment and retraining tool.

The Movement Health Solution: 4 days of education to move your clinic & clients potential from good to elite

26th April 2017

But don’t just take our word for it, here's what the movement specialists using the using the TPM system have to say about it.

Manage Movement: Leaders in the Business of Movement in South Africa

29th March 2017

Jacqueline Swart tells us how becoming a TPM Pro Clinic has enabled her business to grow and out-perform her competitors as successfully as the athletes she treats.

TPM Pro Networking Day February 2017

22nd February 2017

We had a great meet up last week with members of the TPM Pro Network; it was an opportunity to share ideas, network and build on our vision for creating a TPM Active client base

TPM Pro Worldwide Network

16th February 2017

By becoming a TPM Pro expert you’ll be invited to join our international TPM Pro Network of practitioners and share current clinical thinking with other licence holders all over the world. You can participate in quarterly events where you’ll be able to meet other movement therapists and exchange ideas and experiences.

TPM Pro networking day January 2017

17th January 2017

Last Thursday we finished  a series of online networking seminars for the TPM Pro clinics.Topics included raising awareness and promoting TPM Active, implementing the Business of Movement in TPM Pro Clinics , and using the network forum to share success stories .

TPM Active - The Sign of Movement Health

Body Logic Health Putting Movement into their Business

30th December 2016

Clinic owner Paul Goss, from Body Logic Health London describes how TPM Active has enabled him to widen his pool of clients and transition his clinic to one that delivers Movement Health to a wide population

Get Movement - Sweden's KC & TPM Experts

20th December 2016

The Get Movement clinic in Sweden is home to expert duo Patrik and Clare Pedersen, who between them cover all bases when it comes to managing movement.

Finding the Value in Movement

14th December 2016

Finding the value in movement allows both clinicians and their clients to realise the potential of what Movement Health allows

TPM Pro Success Stories - The Clinicians View

9th November 2016

See who is connecting TPM Pro and the Movement Health message...

Packaging Movement Health

3rd November 2016

Explaining the complexities of movement is no easy task. Our TPM Active process helps solve this challenge, creating visual representations of the issues to address, smart phone accessible videos of exercises to be performed and clear messaging to bring the value of movement home to every client.

Putting movement into your practice?

25th October 2016

Placing movement at the heart of your business is easy with TPM Pro.

How can movement screening & TPM Active put the ‘4Ps’ of the movement management mix in to your practice

26th September 2016

If pain helps pay the bills, the thought of expanding your practice to include movement screening of pain-free exercisers and performance focussed clients may appear a left field turn. This might feel like a journey outside your comfort zone, one you’re not even pondering, let alone checking Google maps for the best route.

Golf Matrix- elite movement assessment available to all

21st September 2016

Team GB’s unprecedented success has spanned a wide range of sports, from the typical GB strongholds of rowing and cycling to the traditional Olympic sports Team GB has only recently made an impact on (men’s gymnastics, women’s hockey).

Could Pokemon Go bring clients to the door of TPM Pro clinics?

24th August 2016

There is a continual mantra of the benefits of physical activity, an ongoing campaign to increase participation in movement across the board, making movement and health a familiar pairing. Many appear identify movement matters.

Cycling Movement Screen Can Make Rider Just as Bespoke as Their Two Wheeled Pride & Joy

10th August 2016

With all eyes on the Olympic Cycling today here's a timely post on  how The Cycling Movement Screen can make the rider just as bespoke as their two wheeled pride & joy... it’s not about the bike fit

An episode of pain or long term programmes - is it time to change the channel in the physiotherapy practice?

26th July 2016

TV has shown how it’s not all about the big screen. The same goes for contemporary movement management: to think it’s all about a movement screen doesn’t really do justice to the movement management system that is TPM Pro

The Movement Health Solution USA

25th July 2016

This September TPM's Denise Frost, of the Spaulding Outpatient Center in Boston MA, will deliver the 10 day training porgramme The Movement Health Solution. In this post Denise  discusses how TPM Pro(motes) movement education

News round up from KC & TPM

18th July 2016

News and Updates from Kinetic Control and TPM - have a read and see what we've been up to and whats coming up later this summer

Running from pain to performance - part 3

18th July 2016

Part 3 - Programme Design and Goal Achievement.  In part one and part two of this series of articles we discussed how an athletes history of injury can be linked to movement faults identified in their ‘Running Matrix’ screen. 

Part 2- Screening and Movement Analysis for Runners

6th July 2016

Part 2- Screening and Movement Analysis for Runners – The What, Why and How of Running Movement Analysis?

Keeping the Nordic Edge

1st July 2016

In this week when the heroes of Icelandic football have left some big reputations in tatters, a fellow Nordic international reflects on his Movement Health and TPM Pro experience.

The Performance Matrix (TPM) Greatest Hits

28th June 2016

Next week TPM heads to IFOMPT to spread the Movement Health message and show you how to put the 'Business of Movement' in to your clinic  Pre-conference, we take a look at some of our past posts highlighting clinics, clients and clubs already connecting TPM Pro and the Movement Health message

TPM and Kinetic Control exhibiting at IFOMPT 2016

23rd June 2016

Movement Performance Solutions brings TPM Pro to IFOMPT 2016 together with Kinetic Control demonstrating the new KC Exercise Catalogue - come and see us at Stand 24

How to Run from Pain to Performance Part 1

20th June 2016

We revisit a post from last year looking at The Running Matrix.  This is the first of a three-part blog looking at running injuries and the application of The Running Matrix 

Body Logic Health launch Running Evolution

13th June 2016

Body Logic Health launch ‘Running Evolution’ combining years of running analysis expertise with TPM Pro’s elite movement management. It is very clear they are more than just in the running to take Movement Health, London wide.

The Movement Health Solution

8th June 2016

Next training dates: 24-27 September, 25-27 November 2016, 20-22 January 2017, London, UK. This comprehensive modular education process forms part of The TPM Pro system & is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to build movement management into your business and your clients/patients' health

TPM Elite Consult: The Performance Solution

7th June 2016

Originally developed for elite US sport, The Performance Matrix (TPM) movement analysis tool was an instant game changer in the world of movement testing for injury prevention and performance. Still to this day nothing informs on movement with the same resolution; nothing tests movement in quite the same.

TPM Pro Clinic Liberty Physio puts Movement Health on Pole Position

6th June 2016

An illustrious physiotherapy career has seen TPM clinic owner, Roger Cleary, work in the highest echelons of elite sport, managing the movement of team sports athletes (football) and individual performers (F1, Rally and Triathlon).

Which Matrix? The Base & The Foundation: 2 Great Places to Start a Movement Health Journey

3rd June 2016

If Movement Health is about possessing more choices in movement, the choices on offer in terms of which Performance Matrix analysis tool to use, raises many questions. Here’s a simple overview of The Base Matrix and The Foundation Matrix to help both TPM Pro clinicians and their TPM Active clients choose how to start their Movement Health journey.

TPM Pro Masterclass 2016

18th May 2016

Reading reports, hamstrings & dynamical systems, tendinopathy, Movement Management Model, The Cycling Matrix & TPM Active

Body Logic Health and TPM Pro

9th May 2016

Body Logic Health (BLH), set in the heart of vibrant Battersea, London, is a flagship site for TPM Pro clinics and the Movement Health philosophy.

How long would you be able to continue exercising?

5th May 2016

Top Performance Delta in The Netherlands have been working with The Performance Matrix, offering the innovative testing and training system to clients as an efficient method to help them continue to be optimally fit

New Movement Quality Masterclass

20th April 2016

Movement Quality Masterclass: Connecting Movement Health to Quality of Life, with tutors Mark Comerford and Lincoln Blandford. This 2-day workshop is perfect for all those who deliver and manage movement as part of their client and patient experience. 15-16 October 2016, London, UK

Football Medicine Conference & The Performance Matrix 2016

20th April 2016

The 25th Isokinetic Football Medicine Strategies Conference was recently held in London with a focus firmly placed on the return to play (RTP) phase. This prestigious event, often described as the premier meeting of sports medicine’s elite, saw a huge range of topics discussed with deliveries coming from the sport’s renowned practitioners and research groups.

Heading for Movement Health Excellence at The Physio Clinic Bristol

13th April 2016

TPM Pro clinic owner Pete Tang from The Physio Clinic Bristol Ltd discusses becoming a centre of excellence for Movement Health, the value of movement for all, and making sure clients’ goals, both current and future, stay well within reach over their whole ‘movement’ lifespan.

Fixing Functional Movement

6th April 2016

Mark Comerford takes a moment to discuss how functional training might not be the best fix for deficits in functional movement.

TPM & Southampton Football Club

6th April 2016

How is the movement management system that powers TPM Pro changing the face of football & physio clinics around the world?

Focus on TPM Pro Clinic Top Performance Delta

31st March 2016

This week we focus on the TPM Pro Movement Specialist Jeannette Hoftizjer. Jeannette currently works in private practice in The Netherlands and is aligned with the Johan Cruyff Institute and several other talent programmes of the Dutch Olympic Committee.

TPM Pro Movement Specialist Badrinath Prathi Welcomes the England Cricket Team to Delhi

29th March 2016

TPM Pro Badrinath Prathi welcomes the England National Cricketers at the Delhi Stadium. Tomorrow they are playing 1st Semis Vs New Zealand.

Movement Health: New Solutions on the Horizon

22nd March 2016

Kinetic Control Tutor, Patrik Pedersen discusses his attendance of The Movement Health Solution.

Tutor Pablo Marinho takes TPM & Kinetic Control to Ecuador

21st March 2016

Invited to present lectures in KC & TPM topics, Pablo Marinho reports on the event and his first experience in Quito. He is already booked to return some three other times till the end of 2016 to present all new model courses from level 1 and 2.

Moving from Manual Therapy to Movement Health: Mark Comerfords Journey

20th March 2016

Holland, 9 June 2016: Lecture in the evening about Mark’s work, life & experiences (3 hours with questions from the audience)

Movement specialist Denise Frost joins TPM's expert team

19th March 2016

We welcome Denise Frost to TPM's expert team of movement  specialists

Boston based movement specialist Denise Frost discusses how TPM Promotes movement education

18th March 2016

Boston based, movement specialist, Denise Frost discusses how TPM Pro(motes) movement education

Spotlight on RehabLab Physiotherapy

17th March 2016

TPM Pro clinic RehabLab Physiotherapy takes Movement Health to the Isle of Man

Professional triathlete answers some TPM Pro questions

9th March 2016

Professional Triathlete Minna Koistinen finds some time between the swim, bike and run to answer some TPM Pro questions

Where do we start when it comes to retraining movement?

9th March 2016

Movement Performance Solutions’ Mark Comerford asks a simple question…

The Pros of TPM Pro

8th March 2016

Experienced movement therapist Denise Frost offers some insight on the business and education of movement as presented within TPM Pro.

TPM Pro: Clinical Insights from 'The Movement Health' Arena

1st March 2016

 An interview with TPM Pro Clinic ‘Arena Fysio’, Helsingborg, Sweden

MPS providing Movement Health Solutions

24th February 2016

We all move differently and there is no right or wrong way to move. For this reason there is much debate about what is normal movement.

TPM presents at the 54th Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists

15th February 2016

Performance Matrix Movement Specialist Padmanban Sekaran speaks at the 54th Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists this weekend

TPM present at the PT International Congress in Ecuador

9th February 2016

Breaking News…. TPM & KC tutor Pablo Marinho has been invited to present three 40 minute lectures and a 4 hour workshop at the PT International Congress in Ecuador in March

Mark Comerford & Andy Hosgood discuss TPM and how it works at Summit Physio

9th February 2016

In a clip from our archive TPM co-creator Mark Comerford chats with physiotherapist and Movement Specialist Andy Hosgood of Summit Physio

TMP Pro 2016

29th January 2016

Add a new dimension to your practice

Movement Health at Forever Clinics, Finland

29th January 2016

One Vision of Movement Health in Finland

TPM Active & Forever Fysio

29th January 2016

Our collaboration with Forever Fysio goes from strength to strength - now in 9 centres in Finland

Female triathlete puts herself in the running

7th January 2016

A smart ‘Tri’ to push the volume - female triathlete makes remarkable transition to take the honours

Welcome Kate Stobart, Anniina Moilanen & Tero Heinola to the TPM Pro

24th November 2015

Join the TPM Pro Network

Forever Clinics

4th November 2015

Finland join TPM Pro Network

Kinetic Control Movement Therapist Day October, 2015

27th October 2015

Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer

6th October 2015

Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer

Point Break

2nd October 2015

Metatarsal Stress Fractures

The Shape of Movement Health

21st September 2015

A 2015 Perspective

The KNeed for Multi Joint Testing

14th September 2015

Injuries to the knee, both acute and overuse related are common in jump-landing movements, especially in female athletes 

Point Break- Metatarsal Stress Fractures

8th September 2015

Here we consider the influencing factors that increase the probability of sustaining a stress fracture to the metatarsals. 

Slings and Things

3rd September 2015

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that sling? Joined up thinking, but what if the devil’s in the detail

Here we take a little look at the myofascial sling concept and how this sits alongside multi-joint, multi intensity movement assessment as employed within The Performance system. 

How to run from pain to performance part 3

19th August 2015

Part 3 – Programme Design & Goal Achievement

How To Run From Pain To Performance Part 2

13th July 2015

Part 2- Screening and Movement Analysis for Runners – What, Why and How?

The Business of Movement

6th July 2015

Be a leader in both

Rudi van Houts

26th January 2015

Gets tested with The Cycling Matrix at O-Sommet

Ville and Kim reflect on The Performance Solution

4th December 2014

We have just finished the 3rd Performance is some feedback

Spaulding Rehab of Boston MA take TPM to the Head of Charles Regatta on 17-18 October

10th November 2014

The Head of Charles Regatta is a rowing race held on the penultimate complete weekend of October each year on the Charles River, which separates Boston and Cambridge and with over 300,000 spectators and 9,000 athletes, it is also a great expo for the HOCR partners to engage with their customers and  showcase their services and products.


Movement age

23rd September 2014

More movement in your years, more years in your movement

Summit Physio's latest blog

14th September 2014

The Bionic Sportsmen: A Look at the Technology Behind Modern Physiotherapy

Breathing; a choice not a dogma

15th August 2014

During a presentation to promote The Performance Matrix publications ‘Injury Prevention & Movement Control’ text a question worthy of further comment was raised; ‘how should I breathe?’

Dynamic correspondence

30th July 2014

Functional correspondence - the importance of movement skills

Spiral into Control

8th July 2014

How does the body manage rotational challenges?

Do you have an injury?

7th July 2014

No I have a risk!

Plyo-matrix- hit the ground running

9th June 2014

Getting the programme right

Movement Analysis for Golf

4th June 2014

See Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach and Physio Stephen Lane working through a Golf Matrix

Pembrokeshire Bikes get going with The Performance Matrix

23rd May 2014

Pembrokeshire Bikes are offering a cutting edge bike fitting service, part of which consists of a detailed movement assessment using The Performance Matrix.

Running and The Performance Matrix Part 1

19th May 2014

Finding a Running Solution

Spaulding Rehab gets screening with The Performance Matrix

19th May 2014

To optimise movement efficiency


The Movement Health Solution: Put Sport & Exercise Medicine Excellence in to your practice

26th April 2014

Don’t just manage pain, build long-term robust performance and business.

TPM Platform

25th April 2014

 Movement analysis and retraining to give you the edge

The Performance Matrix

7th April 2014


Core training for runners

16th February 2014

– why bother?

Core Stability

10th February 2014

Is it time we moved on?


CORE Strategies Physical Therapy and Movement Centre: Why they use TPM and how it works for them

17th January 2014

CORE Strategies Physical Therapy and Movement Centre's Danielle Debbrecht highlights the 3 main reasons why The Performance Matrix works for her.

Injury and the movement control spectrum

15th January 2014

How are movement professionals to distinguish where any movement problem or injury risk may lie from the almost infinitely varied code seen within any one client?

TPM Pro at Summit Physio

10th January 2014

Summit Physio's Andy Hosgood talks about The Performance Matrix in his clinics.

FC Nordsjaelland using The Performance Matrix

2nd January 2014

Pernille Thomsen leads a project with University College Capital

Movement Control: Using the best options to move

31st December 2013

The control of movement is the missing link? Pablo Marinho blogs more

Jacob Wijnstra shares a success story

13th November 2013

Using the Cycling Matrix at Velofysics

An athlete's perspective

30th July 2013

See what an athlete has to say about The Performance Matrix

Elite Athletes and The Performance Matrix

18th July 2013

Pain management is just not enough

Clubs and Clinics

12th July 2013

Innovate and stand out Use Performance Matrix Platform

Top 5 common restrictions

11th July 2013

 that contibute to compensation movement stategies.


3rd July 2013

Are they are worth considering? We think so!

Mark Comerford

23rd April 2013

Mark Comerford in conversation with Jacqueline Swart about fitting movement control into manual therapy

The Performance Matrix Platform

12th April 2013

Find out everything you need to know about The Performance Matrix Platform through a downloadable PDF

Room 4 Physio and The Performance Matrix Platform

19th March 2013

Juliana Samson, a Matrix Movement Trainer, feeds back on the Matrix platform

Feedback on The Performance Matrix

13th March 2013

Jo Hellier, who has recently become part of The Performance Matrix network gives her feedback on using the movement screens, what her clients think about it and her support throughout implementation.

The Performance Matrix at the Les Mills 2012

30th November 2012

Performance Matrix Trainer Antonis Zacharopoulos's presentation of The Performance Matrix, which included samples of the 4x4 Express Screen, was warmly received at the Les Mills Festival in Cyprus earlier this month.

Using The Football Matrix in injury prevention

16th October 2012

Andy Barr, Performance Specialist NY Knicks Basketball and Former Head Physiotherapist for Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Southampton FC talks about Using The Performance Matrix screening tool and implementing injury prevention programmes

Screening of Movement Patterns to Optimise Training Programme

22nd March 2012

By Clare Pedersen

Reproduced from Indrotts Medicin, Sweden 2/2010


Screening of athletes is normal in elite and professional sport and is used to prevent injuries and increase performance.  Previous and even current screening protocols have focused on measuring strength, passive and active joint range and functional tests (work and sport specific).



New Comparison System

7th January 2012

Now available: An individual and team comparison system






Cycling and The Performance Matrix by Jacob Wijnstra

19th December 2011

In the past there was only one way for cyclists to be busy with their sport: that was by riding their bikes! In recent years there has been a major change, and now professional athletes have started to work on their 'core'.






Observing for uncontrolled sidebend of the low back

5th October 2011

The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Screens identify weak links (uncontrolled movement)

Matt Radcliffe using The Performance Matrix

28th July 2011

Matt Radcliffe First Team Physiotherapist & Lead Clinician at Southampton Football Club has implemented The Football Matrix Movement & Performance Screen

SPMC is using The Performance Matrix

20th July 2011

'The Performance Matrix is the most comprehensive movement assessment system that we have used and helps us keep our athletes injury free and created an opportunity for them to maximise their performance potential'

Stability Performance & Matrix Centre, Pretoria South Africa

Bloso Implements The Performance Matrix

20th July 2011

The Performance Matrix system of Movement and Performance Screens has now been implemented at the Topsport Schools, Belgium.

Movement & Performance Screening: New Strategies for Injury Prevention

19th July 2011

The Performance Matrix - Movement and Performance Screen (MPS) is an online movement screening tool.

The Performance Matrix

13th May 2011

An Online Movement and Performance Screen to Identify and Classify Uncontrolled Movement

For Injury Prevention

Abstracts from IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport

10th May 2011

Pre-season screening of core muscle balance and control tests in the lumbar spine in professional road cyclists. Can we prevent uncontrolled movement?

Torbjorn Sindballe

24th January 2011

'Performance Stability is a fantastic tool for coaches and physiotherapist,  working  with prevention of
injuries, rehabilitation and performance.

The story of TPM

Ever wondered how TPM started? Lincoln Blandford takes us through the history and the development of TPM. 

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