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Moolman Physiotherapy on The Performance Matrix

29th April 2019

We caught up with Moolman Physiotherapy, a TPM Pro Clinic based in Cape Town - South Africa.

Southampton Football Club and the benefits of The Performance Matrix (TPM)

27th February 2019

Interested in reading the post that Southampton Football Club wrote up about Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix?

3 TPM Pro Clinics identify what TPM can do for 'You, Your Clients, and Your Practice'

20th September 2018

We explore the benefits of becoming a TPM Pro Clinic with three clinic owners who have TPM Pro in their clinics.

How does TPM Active deliver improved movement outcomes?

6th November 2017

Body Logic Health Putting Movement into their Business

30th December 2016

Clinic owner Paul Goss, from Body Logic Health London describes how TPM Active has enabled him to widen his pool of clients and transition his clinic to one that delivers Movement Health to a wide population

TPM Pro Success Stories - The Clinicians View

9th November 2016

See who is connecting TPM Pro and the Movement Health message...

Keeping the Nordic Edge

1st July 2016

In this week when the heroes of Icelandic football have left some big reputations in tatters, a fellow Nordic international reflects on his Movement Health and TPM Pro experience.

Pooling our efforts all the way to the podium

24th November 2015

Pernille Thomsen from Denmark feedbacks on a case review

The Cycling Matrix Success Story

28th March 2014

Junior cyclist Tim Janssen talks about how The Cycling Matrix benefitted his performance and reduced help recurrent pain

Jacob Wijnstra shares a success story

13th November 2013

Using the Cycling Matrix at Velofysics

Using The Football Matrix in injury prevention

16th October 2012

Andy Barr, Performance Specialist NY Knicks Basketball and Former Head Physiotherapist for Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Southampton FC talks about Using The Performance Matrix screening tool and implementing injury prevention programmes

The Performance Matrix Tees Off at Summit Physio

4th May 2012

Andy HosgoodHow The Performance Matrix and Mr AJT Hosgood helped my golf!

Andy Hosgood Sport Performance and Physiotherapy



Can Corrective Exercise Improve Function? - A swimmer tale

20th February 2012

A client came to address her alignment concerns but saw her swim time’s tumble- a stroke of luck?

Here’s what she told us- read to the end if you want to know why I think it happened.
By Lincoln Blandford

Matt Radcliffe using The Performance Matrix

28th July 2011

Matt Radcliffe First Team Physiotherapist & Lead Clinician at Southampton Football Club has implemented The Football Matrix Movement & Performance Screen

Devlin White (CSA) comments on his movement training programme

6th June 2011

"Performance Stability has taught me so much about my body"

Torbjorn Sindballe

24th January 2011

'Performance Stability is a fantastic tool for coaches and physiotherapist,  working  with prevention of
injuries, rehabilitation and performance.

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