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Head of Education, Lincoln Blandford presents at XXVIII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference

7th May 2019

The last weekend of April 2019, saw the annual Isokinetic Footbal Medicine Conference hosted at one of the world’s greatest theatres of football; Wembley Stadium.

Southampton Football Club and the benefits of The Performance Matrix (TPM)

27th February 2019

Interested in reading the post that Southampton Football Club wrote up about Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix?

Palpation and Assessment in Manual Therapy - 4th Edition

6th February 2017

We are  thrilled to announce the publication of Palpation and Assessment in Manual Therapy – Fourth edition, in which TPM's Warwick McNeill and Sarah Mottram contributed to the writing of Chapter 10 on Evaluation Movement.

Abstract: Above and Beyond Biceps Femoris

12th April 2016

Employment of muscle synergy assessment to guide Return To Play following biceps femoris injury

11th April 2016

New Publication: Oxford Textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine

5th January 2016

Mark Comerford: Chapter 63

Welcome Kate Stobart, Anniina Moilanen & Tero Heinola to the TPM Pro

24th November 2015

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Performance Matrix Seminar in Beijing

11th November 2015

We are looking forward to delivering a seminar on Nov 15th A-Truly Clinics

Mark Comerford's recent Movement Masterclass Sweden

5th November 2015

How can we understand movement & movement impairments?

Forever Clinics

4th November 2015

Finland join TPM Pro Network

Scapula Under the Spotlight Masterclass

27th October 2015

The influence of scapula control on neck and shoulder pain and function 28-29 Nov 2015, UK

TPM Pro Masterclass

6th October 2015

Movement Management expertise delivered by Mark Comerford and Lincoln Blandford

Filming The New Set of Cycling Videos

15th January 2015

The Cycling Matrix

Physiospot uploads loads of movement related resources

9th October 2014

See their Learn Topic for this month

A constraints based perspective on the movement analysis system

6th October 2014

At The 2015 Sports Science Summit


Injury Prevention and Movement Control

9th June 2014

New Publications: out now YMCA Health and Fitness Guides. A must for all active people

Spaulding Rehab gets screening with The Performance Matrix

19th May 2014

To optimise movement efficiency


Efficient movement is key

7th March 2014

Summit Physiotherapy using The Performance Matrix

Small knee bend identifies hip flexion control impairment

26th February 2014

This recent paper looks at motion analysis of the single-leg squat task. This is part of a key matrix which we use to identify uncontrolled hip flexion.
Another piece of the puzzle - uncontrolled hip flexion is a common finding.



It's All Connected

24th January 2014

Another great blog post giving an insight into movement control in the kinetic chain 

Presentation at WCPT

The Hockey Matrix

Our latest Movement & Performance Screen

Sarah Mottram's article published today in PhysioFirst

Solutions for managing movement: targeting the impairment

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