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Head of Education, Lincoln Blandford presents at XXVIII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference

7th May 2019

The last weekend of April 2019, saw the annual Isokinetic Footbal Medicine Conference hosted at one of the world’s greatest theatres of football; Wembley Stadium.

TPM: The Football Matrix

9th July 2018

It's a crucial time for the world of sports right now - The World Cup. Sticking to this theme, this blog post gives you a breakdown of our Football Matrix: ranging from how it works to explaining the benefits to the team.

TPM & Southampton Football Club

6th April 2016

How is the movement management system that powers TPM Pro changing the face of football & physio clinics around the world?

Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer

6th October 2015

Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer

Point Break

2nd October 2015

Metatarsal Stress Fractures

FAI in young footballers

19th June 2015

Does movement matter?

Movement Control Impairments are seen in young academy footballers

31st March 2015

Latest research

Movement Faults in Young Footballers with FAI

14th July 2014

Latest data

The Cost of Football Injuries: The need to invest in an effective injury prevention system

31st December 2013

Pablo Marinho looks at the cost of injury and the need for a proactive approach

Hamstring injuries in top level football

10th May 2013

Looking beyond the hamstring


Football Medicine Strategies for Knee Injuries

23rd April 2012

XXI International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology

Isokinetic 2012 Conference, Stamford Bridge Stadium, Chelsea FC, London UK



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