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Cycling Movement Screen Can Make Rider Just as Bespoke as Their Two Wheeled Pride & Joy

10th August 2016

With all eyes on the Olympic Cycling today here's a timely post on  how The Cycling Movement Screen can make the rider just as bespoke as their two wheeled pride & joy... it’s not about the bike fit

Rudi van Houts

26th January 2015

Gets tested with The Cycling Matrix at O-Sommet

Pembrokeshire Bikes get going with The Performance Matrix

23rd May 2014

Pembrokeshire Bikes are offering a cutting edge bike fitting service, part of which consists of a detailed movement assessment using The Performance Matrix.

The Cycling Matrix Success Story

28th March 2014

Junior cyclist Tim Janssen talks about how The Cycling Matrix benefitted his performance and reduced help recurrent pain

Cycling and The Performance Matrix by Jacob Wijnstra

19th December 2011

In the past there was only one way for cyclists to be busy with their sport: that was by riding their bikes! In recent years there has been a major change, and now professional athletes have started to work on their 'core'.






Abstracts from IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport

10th May 2011

Pre-season screening of core muscle balance and control tests in the lumbar spine in professional road cyclists. Can we prevent uncontrolled movement?

Torbjorn Sindballe

24th January 2011

'Performance Stability is a fantastic tool for coaches and physiotherapist,  working  with prevention of
injuries, rehabilitation and performance.

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