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3 TPM Pro Clinics identify what TPM can do for 'You, Your Clients, and Your Practice'

20th September 2018

We explore the benefits of becoming a TPM Pro Clinic with three clinic owners who have TPM Pro in their clinics.

The value of testing? The value of retraining

13th September 2018

Anterior cruciate ligament remains a common orthopaedic injury (Sanders et al., 2016), possessing multiple factors that are seen to elevate risk (Weber et al., 2017). Therefore, what factors can be modified so as to infinitely delay the time point at which injury happens?

Clinic Focus: Top Performance Delta

20th August 2018

This blog post focuses on the TPM Pro clinic based in the Netherlands -  Top Performance Delta.

The language barrier in the assessment and retraining of movement-

13th August 2018

Communication is key. In the clinical or performance environment, terminology and jargon can divide opinion; and that may be just between the professionals working within these spaces.

TPM Pro - Some things you may want to know

Movement changes people’s lives. We have seen how one simple, but specifically targeted movement retraining exercise can do this. This belief in the power of movement means we really care about the health of people’s movement. We call this Movement Health.

TPM: The Football Matrix

9th July 2018

It's a crucial time for the world of sports right now - The World Cup. Sticking to this theme, this blog post gives you a breakdown of our Football Matrix: ranging from how it works to explaining the benefits to the team.

The story of TPM

Ever wondered how TPM started? Lincoln Blandford takes us through the history and the development of TPM. 

TPM Testimonial - Kate Stobart @ RehabLab Physiotherapy

Kate Stobart from RehabLab Physiotherapy talks us through her TPM journey and her experience introducing TPM in her clinic.

Take home clinical messages from The 2018 Movement Conference

29th March 2018

'movement quality making a difference to people’s lives'

Southampton FC hosts The 2018 Movement Conference

26th March 2018
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