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What does GDPR mean to you, the individual?

25th May 2018

Are you curious to know why we have been sending you emails about consent?

TPM: The Football Matrix

9th July 2018

It's a crucial time for the world of sports right now - The World Cup. Sticking to this theme, this blog post gives you a breakdown of our Football Matrix: ranging from how it works to explaining the benefits to the team.

The story of TPM

Ever wondered how TPM started? Lincoln Blandford takes us through the history and the development of TPM. 

TPM Testimonial - Kate Stobart @ RehabLab Physiotherapy

Kate Stobart from RehabLab Physiotherapy talks us through her TPM journey and her experience introducing TPM in her clinic.

Take home clinical messages from The 2018 Movement Conference

29th March 2018

'movement quality making a difference to people’s lives'

Southampton FC hosts The 2018 Movement Conference

27th March 2018

Flexibility Masterclass with Mark Comerford

22nd February 2018

This 4-day masterclass presents a systemised framework to assess and manage restrictions, and delivers skills of movement assessment and retraining to exert long-term change on pain, pathology and compromised function and performance.

New course 07/11/2018 to 10/11/2018 London UK with Mark Comerford

Movement assessment, for Movement Health in young athletes and older adults

16th February 2018
Focused movement retraining for hip pain and recurring pain in young athletes
and improving walking in older adults

24th March, The 2018 Movement Conference

14th February 2018

Exploring the value of movement and realising its potential

The Double Knee Swing - a how-to guide and testing regional interdependence

10th January 2018

First described in the literature in 2008 (Mottram & Comerford) The Performance Matrix (TPM) movement evaluation system has evolved: a process ensuring it remains a state of the art, clinical tool. 


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