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TPM Active - its the sign of movement health

11th December 2017

The ski season is now well underway. So, how can we ensure our clients are ready for the slopes. Here, we talk about using the TPM (The Performance Matrix) system with skiers.  

New USA Clinics join TPM Pro and train in Manhattan

11th December 2017

Movement in Manhattan – TPM Pro & The Movement Health Solution goes West

Running at the TPM Network - A business and technical perspective

7th November 2017

How does TPM Active deliver improved movement outcomes?

6th November 2017

New TPM Pro member - The Poynton Spine Care Institute featured in The Irish Times

2nd November 2017

Multi-joint testing - it is all about the individual

2nd November 2017

Literature appears to be supporting what the experienced clinician instinctively knows; we need to assess and manage each patient/client very much as an individual.

TPM Launches in India 2018

1st October 2017

Starting line-up The 2018 Movement Conference

2nd October 2017

The 2018 Movement Conference

4th August 2017

24th March 2018

Super early bird registration ends October 9th October 2017

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy the Go-To Clinic in Essex for Movement Health

8th August 2017

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy are using TPM Pro’s objectivity to find out who’s been doing their exercise and to ensure they become the ‘go-to’ clinic in Essex for ‘Movement Health’.

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