The Performance Matrix

Lincoln Blandford

As the concept of the ‘365-athlete’ continues to become ever more a reality within the elite sports performer’s environment it is clear every part of everyday can shape performance. An appreciation of this ongoing cultural shift within pro sport builds the movement health philosophy to be found within Lincoln’s approach to injury prevention and performance enhancement. He believes ‘the best performers possess the most choices… or run out of options last’ in how they achieve their movement outcomes, a view representative of his ‘control is choice’ perspective.

The ‘Elite Sport Movement Consultant’ role requires him to filter a wide range of movement disciplines into bespoke performance solutions for teams and their athletes. This process is guided by a pragmatic interpretation of current fatigue, pain, and muscle synergy research and is evident within his journal articles, championing the need for an inclusive multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex problems set by the movement system.

Inspired by the skill acquisition literature, Lincoln views movement as the consequence of constraints, both beneficial and inhibitive. The high resolution of the Matrix system allows these dynamic interactions to be chronicled and, where possible, managed. The application of such reasoning is now seen to be supplying more athletes and their coaches with more choice, for longer, in the absence of injury.

Lincoln’s recognition of how the demands of elite level sport requires an equally elite and athlete bespoke movement analysis system has seen him fully align himself with both the Matrix system and the development of movement quality focussed long-term programming. His two books ‘Injury Prevention and Movement Control Vol 1 & 2’ offer an introductory route to the Matrix system, an insight further expanded through his collaboration with Sarah and Mark within the 10 days of The Movement Health  Solution course and his consultancy endeavours.

He can regularly be found sipping coffee whilst pondering the mysteries of movement, if he’s not inventing exercises for his next client, course or publication.


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