The Performance Matrix

Pablo Marinho

'Treating Clients faults Movement has completely changed the way I work with people!' Pablo works advising and supporting athletes, helping them to achieve their goals the systems and injury prevention, and chronic pain and rehabilitating injured clients. He is a Physiotherapist from Brazil and runs 'PBM Esporte'.

As an experienced  movement specialist, Pablo is part of the overall exclusive team of accredited tutors, instructors and consultants from Movement Performance Solutions  teaching Kinetic Control courses and delivering Training and Consultancy for The Performance Matrix.

His headquarter is now in Rio de Janeiro and he is prepared to give all his best to assist any athlete or team need that may support during all the next sports events scheduled in his venue. Pablo has been working with ultra long distance runners, triathletes , football players, beach volleyball players, ballet dancers, cyclists, fighters and overall active clients. His work allows athletes to enjoy high Performance with low risk of injury, making them spend more time on training and competitions and away from rehab. Clients from his injury prevention program have reduced drastically there costs and inconveniences of pain and medical treatments.

PORTUGUÊS "Avaliar and corrigir falhas of movimentos completely Mudou a way lido com meus customers" Pablo é or Physiotherapist responsável pela 'PBM Esporte' I trabalhando com Consulting to Clinics, Clubs and Athletes Análise em Risco, Monitoramento da Prevenção Performance and Programs of Lesões.

Faz part of Instrutores credentialed Equipe da da Movement Performance Solutions Ltd, ministering Treinamentos two Kinetic Control Systems & The Performance Matrix for Physical Therapists, Physical trainers and Profissionais that no Esporte com trabalham Brazil, Venezuela and Africa do Sul É qualified person and do instrutor Therapy Taping Method ministering courses também're not Brazil and Venezuela na, sendo ainda or Vice President da edição Taping Therapy Association. Pablo tem conquered na prevenção excellent results of various modalities esportivas Lesões em, and ultra runners com longa distances, cycling, triathlon, ballet , lutas, quadra volley of e praia between outras.


Seu trabalho allows you tenham high performance athletes com baixo desenvolvimento of Lesões cliff. Avoiding or assim afastamento of Treinos and Competições e ainda os custos reduzindo drastically and inconvenience of tratamentos of rs and musculoskeletal Lesões. SPANISH Paul B. Marinho is Brazilian physiotherapist, owner of 'PBM Esporte'.

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