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The reason why elite athletes care about Movement Health – and how you could benefit too

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TPM are the experts in Movement Health

Movement Health is about the health of our movement system. A place that is injury free and full of options about how you use your movement.  It is about helping people move more freely and easily.


We supply the TPM Pro system to movement focused clinics and professionals around the world to deliver the best Movement Health to their clients.

TPM Active

TPM Pro Clinics deliver TPM Active, improving Movement Health for all from elite athletes to the wellness minded older and active.

TPM Elite

TPM Elite giving movement efficiency for robust and efficient performance in athletes, designed for elite sport environments and now available for all.

How TPM works

TPM Active is a well-proven Movement Health system used by globally by thousands,
from elite athletes to the older and active wellness minded to:

With TPM, you can:

Analyse movement

1. Assess movement

Identify and diagnose movement inefficiencies

2. Analyse where improvements can be made

Agree on a personalized movement re-training programme

3. Design bespoke movement re-training programmes to help you achieve goals

Track improvements over time

4. Track improvements over  time for long term Movement Health

TPM Active

TPM is available to everyone from a growing global network of TPM Movement Specialists.

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Southhampton Football Club quote

"Southampton Football Club uses TPM Elite.
We believe The Performance Matrix has played a contributing role in the club’s success, on and off the field"

Southampton Football Club

10 Ways to benefit from better Movement Health

How you can benefit from TPM

If you are someone who cares about being active

TPM Active

Take a look at how the TPM works for people like you - and find out how you could benefit.

If you're a physiotherapist or movement professional


Take a look at how TPM could bring more people to your practice, and help you offer a better, fuller service.

If you're responsible for elite athletes

TPM Elite

Take a look at how we work with elite athletes and sports teams and the type of consultancy we provide.

Even the best athletes find that their body does not always move in the way they want it to:

These are just a few examples. We could give you thousands more.

In each case, it might be down to an old injury, a bad habit, or just the way your body is built. But, whatever the cause, you are prevented from moving or performing at your very best - and may be prone to recurring injuries.

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TPM Active

TPM is available from a growing global network of TPM Movement Specialists.

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Kinetic Control

Kinetic Control

Our internationally recognised assessment framework and retraining strategy offers a structured approach to help therapists optimise movement health and reduce recurrence of pain and enhance patients’ quality of life. We deliver training and expert skills development to physiotherapists & physical therapists to help people move better, feel better and do more.

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